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Need a Tyre Shop in Albion, Brisbane?

Skyview Motors is your ultimate tyre shop in Albion, Brisbane.

We have an extensive range of tyres for sale in various sizes, makes, and models.

We will mount and install your tyres to ensure you’ll enjoy a safe and smooth ride the moment you hit the road. Our seasoned mechanics also inspect, rotate, balance, and align your tyres based on the recommended schedule of the vehicle manufacturer.

Shop at the best tyre shop in Albion (that’s us!) today!

Tyre Services

When you purchase tyres from Skyview Motors, you’ll also get a few perks as a customer, such as free rotation and re-balancing services after a certain mileage and inspection for any issues.
We also check your vehicle for proper wheel alignment as this is extremely important to prolong the life of your tyres, maximise fuel economy, and for you to be able to stop safely even in wet weather conditions. In fact, we’ll even do the alignment for free.
At Skyview Motors, we make sure to offer the best rates possible so our customers know they can depend on the honesty of our company.
We also sell only top-quality and popular brands and models, so anytime you come to us for your tyre requirements, there’s a huge chance that the tyres you need are in our inventory.

Skyview Motors — For All Your Tyre Needs

Anytime you need tyres in Albion, drop by Skyview Motors.
Here, you’re sure to find the tyres you need and enjoy our very reasonable rates and services.